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When your best friend becomes your boss: balancing the professional and the personal -- Reinventing the rules of friendship -- The bottom line -- Action plan -- How to leave a job: making a graceful exit -- Leaving gracefully -- The last impression -- The bottom line -- Action plan -- Refuse to schmooze and you lose: cultivating the social side of business -- Be professional, not antisocial -- Schmoozing: more than just parties -- It's all about relationships -- The bottom line -- Action plan -- Let's do lunch: dining your way to success -- When you are the host -- If you are the guest -- When all is said and done -- The bottom line -- Action plan -- Standing out in the crowd: getting noticed without becoming notorious -- Taking a proactive approach -- Make yourself a star at work -- The bottom line -- Action plan -- He said, she said: when the gender gap seems as wide as the Grand Canyon -- Men and women really are different -- Bridging the gender divide -- The bottom line -- Action plan.

Everyday courtesy as a credibility builder -- 1. Twenty-first century manners: can courtesy survive in the brave new world? Credibility: creating it and keeping it -- Mastering the art of straight talk -- The bottom line -- Action plan -- 3. Develop your gratitude attitude: say "thank you" and mean it -- When in doubt -- The bottom line -- Action plan -- 4.

I see what you're saying: are your unspoken messages telling on you?

The Etiquette Edge

Tell me less: some things are better left unsaid -- Rebuilding the barriers at work -- Balancing openness and privacy -- When you are the recipient of unwanted information -- What you don't say tells a lot -- The bottom line -- Action plan -- 7. Praiseworthy praise: giving compliments that count -- The power of praise -- Giving praise -- Praise as feedback -- Accepting praise -- The bottom line -- Action plan -- 8.

What did you say? Convenience or curse? Travel courtesy: don't leave home without it -- Keeping the skies friendly -- Once you land: courtesy at home or abroad -- The bottom line -- Action plan. Handling sensitive issues: courtesy and building trust -- When silence is not a virtue: complaining without carping -- Complain with a purpose -- Be generous with compliments -- The bottom line -- Action plan -- When an apology is in order: saying "I'm sorry" -- The rewards of apologizing -- How to make a meaningful apology -- Accepting an apology gracefully -- The bottom line -- Action plan -- Tell it like it is: delivering unwelcome information without doing permanent damage -- Take time to plan -- A final thought -- The bottom line -- Action plan -- Confronting with courtesy: preserving relationships while resolving differences -- Levels and sources of conflict -- Avoiding the high cost of unresolved conflict -- The bottom line -- Action plan -- When the worst happens: dealing with tragedy and death -- The do's of dealing with another's grief -- The don'ts of relating to a person's grief -- The most valuable response -- The bottom line -- Action plan -- Citizenship in the global village -- Avoid cross-cultural communication pitfalls -- Be a constant learner -- The bottom line -- Action plan -- A final word.

Langford " ;. All rights reserved. Remember me on this computer. Cancel Forgot your password? Beverly Y Langford. Print book : English View all editions and formats. Business etiquette. Being a good listener is one of the most important aspects of effective communication. Learning to listen well can help individuals to improve their academic performance, foster better friendships, and to be better employees in the workplace.

P Practical Skills. Completely revised and updated, the third edition of the Posts' The Etiquette Advantage in Business is the ultimate guide professionals need to navigate everyday and unusual situations in the office--the key to professional and personal success.

Today, more than ever, good manners mean good business. The Etiquette Advantage in Business offers proven, essential advice, from resolving conflicts with ease and grace to building productive relationships with colleagues at all levels; from successfully networking to winning clients and closing deals. It also offers up-to-date guidance on pressing issues, including ethics, harassment in the workplace, privacy, e-mail and social media dos and don'ts, and knowing how and when to take responsibility for mistakes.

Martin Call Number: HF C From the basics of getting off on the right foot during the job interview to handling office politics, to dining etiquette, this book covers the things today's businessperson needs to know. P67 Presents a guide to social etiquette for men, organized into three categories, 'daily life,' 'social life,' and 'on the job,' covering the rules of conduct with short entries and sidebars for a wide range of key situations.

Langford Call Number: HF L36 R How To Work A Room lays down the fundamentals for savvy socializing, whether at a party, a conference, or even communicating online. H M35 Filled with quotes from experts in the field, this book will guide you through professional expectations and help you maximize your legal career. Good manners and proper protocol can make, or break, a promising business relationship. Performance Research Associates. Harvard Review. William A.

Gentry Ph. Shawn Kent Hayashi. Mary Shapiro. Decoding the New Consumer Mind.

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Kit Yarrow. Jim Haudan. Helping People Win at Work. Ken Blanchard. Deal Coaching is a Lost Art. Peter Bourke. Denny F. Anne Bruce. Love Your Job. Kerry E. Making a Difference by Being Yourself.

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Gregory E. Boost Your Career. Sander Flaum. Doing the Right Things Right. Laura Stack. Perfect Phrases for Employee Development Plans. Play to Your Team's Strengths. JoAnn Warcholic Ashman. David Cottrell. Fix It. Roger Connors. The Ordinary Leader. Randy Grieser. Becoming a Successful Manager, Second Edition. Robert Parkinson. The Courage Solution. Mindy Mackenzie. The Feedback Imperative.

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Anna Carroll. You Said What?! Kim Zoller. The Long-Distance Leader.

Kevin Eikenberry. Persuasion IQ. Kurt Mortensen. Linda Talley. Winning Well. Karin Hurt. Trust Rules. Bob Lee. Manager's Guide to Employee Engagement. Scott Carbonara. Chip Bell.

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The Art of Self-Promotion. Debby Stone. Alan Vengel. Corinne Gregory.

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