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The Executive MBA for Engineers and Scientists

Our course on corporate finance provides a look at the decision making process for corporations to include a investment decisions, b financing decisions, and c payout to shareholders. This course examines the role of corporate social responsibility CSR as a strategy to companies, governments, NGOs and investors both at private and public level.

Increased measurement of natural resources, pollution controls, monitoring ethical supply chains are revealing interesting results.

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This course aims to apply economic analysis to meaningful business situations related to strategic decisions. The course will be divided in two parts, with the first one conducted by Prof.

What is an Executive MBA Program?

Renato Ferreira focused on fundamental concepts of career management and the second part conducted by Prof. This course focuses on marketing strategy and management within the context of global and international markets. It evaluates cultural differences and aims to enhance your skills in developing and implementing marketing strategies and decision making in international contexts. Fiscal and monetary obstacles are challenging current Brazilian policy makers and stimulate an ongoing discussion within the academic and business community. What are the adequate policy instruments for the Brazilian economy?

This course aims to tackle the above raised questions on the background of macroeconomic theory. The objective of this course is to provide tools that allow a deeper analytical understanding of these complex interactions in the contemporary Brazilian economy. This course examines the impact of this social-institutional background on the conditions for business activity in Brazil. The course will bring the ethical perspective to the business world and particularly to the difficult decisions often facing the executive. Reference will be made to the ethical tradition of the western culture and the problems raised by the values and behaviors in a world of relativism.

The course focuses on several aspects related to entrepreneurship. This course is neither an introduction to law nor a course devoted to teaching a particular area of law e. This course introduces students to the challenge of making decisions in the absence of clear facts. Over five sessions, students will first be introduced to the empirical issues surrounding uncertainty and complexity in decision-making, followed by studies of four methods that facilitate resolution under such situations.

To provide executives with a framework to discuss mergers and acquisitions in a value creation approach. Our focus will be on the interaction of financial policy with corporate strategy, within a risk and opportunities environment. The main objective of this course is to provide participants with a conceptual and practical understanding of the strategic and organizational challenges of multinational corporate strategy and strategy implementation. A multiple-lens perspective will offer participants several tools to analyze and strategize sustainable growth in global companies.

Taxation from a comparative perspective: structure, design and tools 2. Brazilian tax system framework and challenges 3. Tax compliance, tax planning and tax enforcement4. Tax governance and management. What I have in mind in offering this four-hour workshop is to discuss financing schemes for ventures in general. To be specifically, I want to discuss alternative financing for new ventures start ups and later-stage ventures IPOS.

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In this case, they must repay the sum in 18 monthly installments no later than six months after the end of the course. The OneMBA evaluation committee thoroughly selects students, in pursuit of executives and entrepreneurs with business experience, maturity and ambition, as well as cultural diversity. Want to receive more information about the OneMBA? Receive information about the course and updates on applications and other matters.

Participants acquire a vision of how each culture affects the business environment, making it possible to develop broad competencies and skills. An understanding of cultural diversity prepares entrepreneurs with the ability to not only achieve professional success, but also improve the world. As well as expanding your personal and professional network, interacting with highly skilled people who come from different realities generates challenges outside your comfort zone.

For you to develop an innovative business model, the broader your repertoire, the better. It hosts around 80 events per year. It has a changing room, central air conditioning, a stage, a simultaneous interpretation booth and an entrance hall with facilities for coffee breaks for up to guests. Open from 6 am to 10 pm, Monday to Friday, and 6 am to 6 pm on Saturdays. Smaller events are held in the FGV 9 de Julho Room, which can accommodate 88 audience members, plus a head table for up to six people.

Fully accessible, it has a changing room, central air conditioning and an entrance hall that can be used for coffee breaks for up to 50 people on foot. The Karl A. Its archives span the areas of administration, economics, business, law and social sciences, including books, e-books, magazines, dissertations, theses and DVDs.

It has individual and group study rooms and consultation terminals. The FGV Bookstore specializes in Brazilian and imported books in the areas of business, administration, economics and law. Students, professors and alumni are eligible for discounts and they can order books on any subjects. There are also sponsored classrooms, which use equipment and resources paid for by partner companies in exchange for their logos being displayed to students and employees.

This sophisticated space for events holds up to seated people and it has three head tables for up to seven people each. The infrastructure includes a staff break room and elevator for physically impaired people. An innovative space created to host academic activities, CoLab is based on a modern and distinct learning model involving collaborative and action-oriented methodologies. Its principles are empathy, a focus on human beings and sharing of responsibilities.

The sports court is a meeting point for students and it also hosts sports events such as indoor soccer and basketball championships. This space is open to graduate students. It is also used to support coffee breaks for events. It can hold up to 70 people on foot and it is fully accessible.

Boedecker Library building, and the Getulio Vargas Auditorium, as well as a multisport court and two annex buildings, located at Rua Itapeva, Skip to main content. About the School. Administration courses for people who want not just a diploma, but to transform society and the market. EN PT. Apply now. Overview Target Market Experienced managers or entrepreneurs with at least seven years of professional experience, who wish to become leaders.

You will develop a broad perspective of phenomena that involve the business environment through learning based on the sharing of experiences and discussions of complex problems.

Executive MBA in the field of Management - University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons

Sharp critical and strategic thinking, assertive behavior, confident leadership, and understanding of why factors such as culture and the institutional environment affect business. Duration 1 year, 9 months. Every three weeks, on Fridays and Saturdays, from 8 am to 6 pm and occasionally on Thursdays as well. Four international residencies, each lasting one week, every six or seven months. Specialist Certificate in Business Management. View course plan. Economics Decisions in Competitive Environments. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. In bibendum mi libero, id hendrerit turpis accumsan ut.

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